How to determine the required belt speed of Guangdong belt conveyor?

2020-07-02 605

The conveying capacity and tension required by customers for the materials transported by belt conveyor line will be different. For example, powder materials should be transported at low speed to prevent floating; brittle materials should be operated at medium speed to avoid jumping or breaking on the roller. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the belt speed according to the actual situation. What if the required belt speed is determined?

1. Belt width. The smaller the width of the conveyor belt is, the more unstable it will be when it runs at high speed, and sometimes serious material scattering will occur.

2. For fixed belt conveyor, the installation quality is generally higher, so higher belt speed can be adopted; the speed of semi fixed and mobile conveyor should be lower.


3. When conveying horizontally or nearly horizontally, the speed can be higher. When the inclined belt conveyor is inclined, the larger the inclination angle is, the easier the material is to roll and slide on the conveyor belt when moving.

4. The larger the ton kilometer of conveying capacity is, the greater the running speed of the required belt strength is.

5. The impact of loading and material will cause the wear of conveyor belt, so the speed of short distance conveyor will be slowed down. However, in order to reduce the belt tension, long-distance conveyor often uses high-speed operation.

Source: Guangdong belt conveyor

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