Belt conveyor conveying speed is unfavorable use too fast

2020-07-02 634


The quality of the delivery of materials or volume calculation; When transported into items, a number of delivery per hour to accounting. Transport belt conveyer delivery speed: progress speed transport ability to progress. In the ship to take for traction and length is larger, the delivery speed is increased. But high-speed belt conveyer to be attention to the problem of vibration and noise and launch, brake, etc. About chain as traction transporter, transporting velocity shoulds not be too big, in order to prevent the increasing power load. Transport together to transport machine, process operation, speed should be admitted according to the requirements of production process.

Belt transport organization scale: transporter component dimensions including transport belt width, strip width, bucket capacity, pipe diameter and intrusive containers, etc. These artifacts scales are directly affect the transport ability of transporter delivery length and Angle: shipping line length and Angle of intrusive directly affect the total resistance and needed power of the transporter in front of the belt conveyer operation, be the first to admit that the belt conveyer equipment, personnel, was shipped goods are in safety in good condition; Second look at the normal movement part no foreign body, see all electrical wiring is normal, normal talents will be put into operation the belt conveyer. To check the power supply voltage and equipment after the additional voltage difference is not more than plus or minus 5%.



Belt conveyer on the total power switch, check the equipment into the power supply is normal and the power indicator is on. The next step after normal operation. Belt conveyer on the circuit of the power switch, check whether normal. Under normal condition is: the equipment is not action, belt conveyer running light is not bright, inverter and other equipment of the power indicator light is lit, the inverter manifest of the panel is normal (trouble-free code). Belt conveyer according to the process in order to launch the electrical equipment, an electrical equipment on a normal after (motor or other equipment has reached the normal speed, the condition of normal) and then to the next launch electrical equipment.

In the belt conveyer running, you must abide by the items were shipped in planning items of rules, abide by the belt conveyer planning ability. Second, pay attention to all kinds of personnel shall not touch moving parts of the belt conveyer, non-professional personnel shall not optional touch electrical components, control button, etc. Later, after not to inverter in belt conveyer running level circuit, such as admitted that need repair, must under the condition of the stop frequency conversion operation ability, otherwise may damage the inverter.


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