Function of Guangdong bucket elevator in asphalt aggregate mixing

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Asphalt mixing bucket elevator is a very important equipment in mixing. It is continuously discharged to the bucket type through the aggregate lifting of different scales of the dryer to improve the height of the vibrating screen gravel, stone grading standards, qualified stone particles to the asphalt mixing equipment, uniform mixing.

Function of bucket elevator in asphalt aggregate mixing

Stone asphalt mixing plant bucket elevator mixing station stone can not lack of direct lifting equipment, also known as: hot aggregate elevator. The aggregates of different sizes are lifted by the dryer and discharged to the bucket type continuously to improve the height of the vibrating screen gravel. The stone grading standards are different. The qualified stone particles are sent to the asphalt mixing equipment for uniform mixing. The production process of asphalt mixing plant is as follows:

In batch mixing equipment, various components are measured in batches, and the mixer is put into the mixer for forced mixing according to the preset sequence. After unloading the mixed products, the next cycle is carried out, forming a cycle operation process. The so-called intermittent type refers to the form of batch metering and mixing service.

The sand and gravel of different standards are shoveled into the corresponding cold storage bin by the loader; after the volume measurement of the belt feeder controlled by the frequency converter (the parameters of the frequency converter are set in advance according to the grading type, output and mix ratio), they are transported to the monotone drum through the aggregate belt conveyor and the feeding belt conveyor.

The monotone drum uses counter current heating method to dry sand and stone materials to a certain temperature (control trivial automatic adjustment of the flame size of the extinguisher). Due to the rotation of the drum, the sand and gravel are repeatedly raised and dropped by the blades in the cylinder to form a curtain, which enhances the heat transfer effect. Moreover, with the help of the inclination angle of the drum, the sand and stone materials move forward from time to time while heating After the outlet, the coarse powder collected by the gravity dust collector is lifted by the hot aggregate elevator and unloaded into the hot aggregate screening machine.

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The high-temperature dust-bearing flue gas discharged from the drying drum enters the gravity dust collector for preliminary purification through the primary flue, and the collected powder with particle size of 0.075mm or more is sent to the inlet of hot aggregate elevator by screw conveyor; then the dust containing flue gas enters the bag filter, and the filtered flue gas is directly discharged into the atmosphere by the induced draft fan. The dust recovered by bag filter can be sent to the enterprise recycling powder supply management system for storage by screw conveyor.

After screening machine, the hot aggregate is divided into several kinds of standards, and then it flows into the corresponding hot material storage bin for storage. According to the proportion set by ourselves, the aggregate of five standards is put into use in batches according to the small and then the large, and the aggregate is accumulated in the stone metering bin; meanwhile, the hot asphalt and powder that can be delivered by the asphalt supply management system and the powder that can be sent by the information system of powder supply are separately put into their respective measuring equipment for measurement according to the set proportion demand. After weighing, it is put into the mixing pot according to the first set of sequence for forced mixing. The product can be directly unloaded into the dump truck, and the product material can be unloaded into the trolley.

The control system relies on the signals detected by each sensor to monitor the material ratio, asphalt content, mixture temperature and other important parameters in real time, so as to ensure that the quality of the produced mixture can meet the requirements of users. In the whole process, the electric control system is also equipped with chain protection equipment to protect the equipment from the impact of unexpected mechanical accidents.

The bucket elevator is now an important equipment in various industries. Asphalt mixing screening process, due to its outstanding thermal polymerization, such ring or chain hoist chain plate selection, which is due to the belt crane to improve the operation is now unable to satisfy the high temperature material. Therefore, asphalt stone hoist is also known as "hot aggregate elevator".

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