Causes of hopper falling of Guangdong bucket elevator

2020-07-02 681

There are four reasons for the hopper falling of belt bucket elevator

1. The direct cause of hopper falling and deformation is that too much material is fed into the machine frame and the lifting resistance is increased and the hopper is not running smoothly. At this time, the machine should be shut down immediately, the plug-in plate under the frame should be drawn out, the accumulated materials in the frame should be discharged, the new hopper should be replaced, and then the production can be started. At this time, reduce the feeding amount and try to find the uniformity.

2. The position of the feed inlet is too low. When the elevator is in production, the hopper will take the material from the feed inlet. If the direction of the feed inlet is too low, the hopper will not be able to hold the material, and most of the material will enter the frame, forming the hopper to scoop the material. And the material is a block, it is very simple to cause hopper deformation, fall. At this time, the direction of the feed inlet should be adjusted to above the center line of the bottom wheel.

3. The material of the hopper is not good, and the strength is limited. The hopper is the load-bearing part of the elevator, so it has high requirements for its data. When installing, the materials with good strength should be selected as far as possible. Generally, the hopper is welded or pressed with ordinary steel plate or galvanized sheet, and its edge is folded or drawn into lead wire to enhance the strength of hopper.

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4. When the machine is started up, the accumulated materials in the frame are not removed. In the production, sudden power failure or other reasons are often encountered. If the accumulated materials in the frame are not removed when the machine is started again, it is easy to cause the hopper to break and fall due to the impact. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the accumulated physics in the frame between shutdown and start-up to avoid hopper falling. In addition, regularly check whether the connection between the hopper and the hopper belt is firm. If the screw is loose, dropped, tilted or damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time to prevent more accidents.

The unloading of vertical elevator has a great influence on the operation condition and production rate of the equipment

1. The loading is even, and the discharge meets the requirement of the production rate.

2. When the hopper is wound to the driving drum (sprocket), the material can enter the discharge chute correctly without spilling back to the loaded branch or falling into the unloaded branch.

3. Most of the materials do not impact the head cover during the dumping process.

4. When using deep bucket or shallow hopper, the material will not collide with the hopper in front during unloading.

These requirements should be paid attention to when debugging and inspecting the bucket elevator.

Well, about the belt bucket elevator showed the reason for the hopper drop, Xiaobian explained to you here. Dear friends, when using the belt bucket elevator to transport materials, if the hopper of the machine falls down, the operator should stop the machine in time, find out the cause of this situation, and then find the solution according to the reason. I hope this article can help you with your homework.

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